Taping for Achilles Tendon & Calf Injuries

Achilles Tendon

Achilles tendonitis and achilles tendonosis are extremely common sports injuries.  These injuries are most often seen in Basketball players, Martial Aarts participants, step aerobics enthusiasts and hockey players among others.  They typically affect the athlete aged 30 years and onwards and are less commonly seen in younger athletes.

Taping for chronic achilles tendon problems is an effective method of returning to training or activity faster.  Tape can be applied in order to assist the normal function of the healthy achilles tendon (i.e. transmitting forces generated by the calf muscle group), and therefore relieve some of the pressure from the tendon as it continues it’s recovery.  Although taping can facilitate an early return to sports or activities it’s important to have chronic or recurring achilles tendon issues assessed and treated properly.  Remember almost 100% of total ruptures of achilles tendons are preceded by some degree of tendonitis or tendonosis within the tendon, a situation which you want to avoid at all costs.

Calf Injuries

Like achilles tendon problems calf strains are an extremely common sports injury.  They are seen very often in field sports as well as in the general population.  The gastrocnemius is the most commonly injured calf muscle, classically the medial head of gastrocnemius (90% of injuries).  Calf injuries are debilitating and cause issues with weight bearing initially.  Classically, they are at their most painful on initially putting the foot to the floor on getting out of bed in the morning as the calf is forced to stretch out under your body weight.

While calf strains necessitate a period of rest from activity and benefit from subsequent rehabilitation, it is possible to tape the calf in the latter stage of recovery from the injury, which may facilitate a quicker return to you’re chosen activity.