Everyone else’s training isn’t going as seamlessly as you believe.  It’s the scourge of every runner, the certainty that; while you’re laid up with injury the rest of the athletic world is breezing effortlessly through their training programme.  Everyone picks up knocks and niggles, particularly at this time of year, with a long summer of training in the legs.  Hard as it may be, try to abide by your chartered physiotherapist’s instruction with regard to rest times following an injury.  They’re determined to have you right for your race day and being a little flexible with you’re training programme at this stage may be in your long term interest.

Focussing on how seamlessly work colleagues or training partners are sticking to their original training programme can be unhelpful.  The truth is our bodies are unique and will respond differently to the demands of training.  It’s also true that all training programmes should be adaptable and missing out on a long run or two in the build up to the race doesn’t undo the miles that you’ve already gotten in the legs.  It could be detrimental and counterproductive to continue to train in a bid to stubbornly stick to your training plan, in the face of injury.

At this stage the Dublin City Marathon is still 5 weeks away, and injuries do not mean the summer of training has been wasted.  Get your injury assessed, get the required treatment and adapt the remaining weeks of your training, to ensure your on that starting line come the 29th October.