It seems like a simple question, and seasoned runners couldn’t contemplate it, but it’s one that’s encountered in clinic quite often.  Beginners to running simply don’t know where to start.  We can all manage to go out and buy the running kit but what do we do next?  Thankfully the web is a good source of information on protocols to take you from “couch to 5km”.

Various protocols exist to take you from zero exercise to running consecutively for twenty minutes.  Most involve three days exercising per week, and involve an incremental increase in running times interspersed with walking breaks.  Gradually over the course of 8 weeks or so, programmes aim to help participants towards their running goals.  We like the following protocol designed by our chartered physiotherapist.

 How to start running

So give it a go and make sure that running kit that you’ve invested in this spring doesn’t stay lying in the store bag!