We’ve all spent too long staring at a computer screen and left work that evening rubbing the back of our necks.  Follow our top five tips to avoid neck pain at the office to insure this doesn’t happen again.

Be aware of your posture

Undoubtedly posture plays a huge part in the neck pain that we experience as a result of our work spaces.  As we get into our work there’s a tendency to move closer and closer to the computer screen.  We should try resist this temptation and as your mother always said “sit up straight with your shoulders back”.

Take frequent breaks from your desk

No matter how impeccable our postures are, the muscles that stabilize the scapulae and the core muscles of the trunk are going to tire from holding you upright over the course of an eight hour day.  Frequent short breaks from your desk space are ideal for stretching out these sustained, static postures and giving the postural muscles a needed rest during a long day of sitting.

Have your desk space ergonomically assessed

We all come in different shapes and sizes so a “one-size-fits-all” approach to desk space set up isn’t very clever.  Ergonomic experts can very quickly analyse your desk space and ensure it is fitted out to your exact specifications taking into consideration your pre-existing injuries and your height and posture. 

Exercise in the evenings

Much as we all may try to sit with perfect upright posture during the day at work, invariably we slouch from time to time.  Aerobic exercise in the evenings is the perfect antidote to a day at the office desk.  It doesn’t even have to be a specific type of exercise.  Generally, swimming, walking, running, gym classes or cross-trainer all can make a difference to the aches and pains which may develop from poor posture during the day at work.  It only has to be 2-3 times per week for 30 minutes each time to help banish that neck ache for good.

Do some simple neck stretching exercises throughout the day

If all the people in the office that were attending physiotherapy were actually doing the exercises that they’ve been prescribed then we’d all be doing a lot of strange things at work.  Here’s a couple of general neck stretches which are good to get into the routine of in a bid to avoid neck pain by the end of the day. General neck stretches.