Patients often arrive to the clinic suffering from injuries as a result of poor posture.  Much neck, shoulder and lower back pain have their origin in poor standing or sitting posture.  As a result as physiotherapists we spend a lot of time working on posture correction in our patients.  Today we discuss three of the most commonly encountered postural problems in patients that we see.  Any of these look familiar to you?

Chin Poke

This posture is common in individuals that sit at a desk for their entire days’ work.  The effort of looking at a computer screen often results in people developing overly tight muscles at the front of the neck and relatively weak muscles at the upper back and neck.  This type of postural abnormality is easily corrected with stretching and strengthening exercises to correct the muscular imbalance that has developed.

Rounded Shoulders

The most common postural abnormality in young men.  Rounded shoulders are a result of slouching when sitting or are also commonly seen in guys who develop muscle imbalance through overtraining chest muscles to the neglect of their back muscles.

Correction of this imbalance is possible with the correct balance of stretching for the chest muscles and strengthening of the back muscles.

Sway back

This posture results from a weak core.  It is commonly seen in ladies after pregnancy where the abdominal muscles have been weakened by the stretching involved in child bearing.  Pilates and core strengthening can effect change to this postural abnormality very quickly.