Achilles tendonosis is a chronic degenerative form of tendonitis of the achilles tendon.  The achilles tendon connects your calf muscles to your heel bone and is prone to the development of tendonosis in sports people particularly in sports such as step aerobics, basketball, hockey, field sports and martial aarts.

Achilles tendonosis is comon the middle aged athlete, who has suffered from achilles tendon problems during their playing or competing years.  It is a consequence of repetitive strain, inflammation or trauma.  The symptoms of achilles tendonosis are similar to that of achilles tendonitis, and are characterised by pain which is worse when the athlete is cool and improves as they warm up.  Usually the first few steps are painful and it eases of as the athlete warms up within a few steps.  It may also ache after a long walk or rigorous exercise.  The distinction between a diagnosis of tendonitis and tendonosis is made in primary care on the basis of the chronicity of the condition and the age of the athlete.

Achilles tendonosis can be effectively treated with manual therapy and an eccentric rehabilitation programme.