Adductor tendinopathy is a common cause of long-standing groin pain in athletes.  Pain is usually felt in the pubic region and extending down the groin.  Twisting, running and kicking tend to aggravate the patients symptoms.  Characteristically the athlete complains of pain the morning following exercising which loosens up and lessens as the day goes on.  Gradually it becomes painful to exercise at all.

The development of adductor tendinopathy often coincides with increased volume and intensity of training or exercise, so this needs to be determined in questioning of the athletes training schedule.  Possible alternative causes of pain felt in the same region include hip flexor (iliopsoas) problems, lower abdominal problems, inguinal hernia, or hip capsulitis.  Thorough examination of the region is essential with investigation of all potential causes of the symptoms.

Once identified as the cause of the symptoms adductor tendinopathy can be successfully treated but will unfortunately necessitate a period of absence from training which is determined based on the severity of the condition.  Rest, soft tissue therapy, a progressive strengthening programme and a phased return to pain-free sport are the basis of a successful recovery from this chronic condition.