The onus of management of concussion injuries in field sports resides with team medics and mentors.  Players must be taken out of the decision making process with regard to return to play since the transient impairment of brain function associated with such an injury will impair their ability to make a correct decision.

Concussion is usually […]

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Lower Back Pain during Pregnancy

Lower back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal complaints experienced by ladies during pregnancy.  Most commonly the pain is experienced at the base of the back but may refer into the buttocks or legs.  The main reason for the development of back pain during pregnancy is the changing position of the pelvis as […]

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Chin Poke Posture

Chin poke or forward head posture is one of the most commonly found postural abnormalities found in office workers.  Does this look familiar to you?  A chin poke posture can lead to symptoms such as neck and shoulder pain, headaches and a heavy head feeling.   Sitting for 8-10 hours at a desk per day can […]

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Eccentric Loading for Hamstring Problems

Once hamstrings start to become a problem for field athletes it’s very easy to become a “once-a-season” merchant missing up to six weeks at a time for each dreaded pop at the back of the thigh.  Rehabilitation and stretching is the solution to these issues but you have to do the right stuff.  Hamstring curls […]

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