Physiotherapy after Wrist Fracture

Wrists are among the most commonly fractured bones in the body.  The incidence of wrist fractures spike during the winter months when footpaths are icy resulting in falls.  Wrist fractures typically occur after a fall on an outstretched arm.  Many sufferers of wrist fracture attend our clinic for rehabilitation after either the removal of their […]

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New Clinic in Blanchardstown

Have a sneak peek inside our new Blanchardstown clinic and check out our state of the art facilities.  Our modern, fresh and fully equipped Blanchardstown clinic is now open and accepting new patients.  At Physiotherapy Dublin we have the knowledge and expertise to help you recover quicker and return to what you love doing.  We […]

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Treatment for Tennis Elbow

Despite being named after the particular sport, tennis elbow is surprisingly rarely encountered in tennis players.  The condition is however commonly encountered in practice.  It’s seen more often in musicians, gardeners and tradesmen or DIY enthusiasts.  The condition results from an irritation to the outer aspect of the elbow due to an irritation to the […]

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Physio for Neck Pain

Did you know that injuries to the spine, including the lower back, mid back and neck account for about 50% of all consultations with the physio?  Neck pain is one of the most debilitating conditions that we encounter and can come with all sorts of associated problems like referred pain into the shoulder, or arm […]

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