Thigh strain is a common source of knee pain particularly following injury to the quadriceps muscle group.  Contraction of healing muscle tissue following acute straining of the thigh muscles can commonly result in altered biomechanics at the knee joint resulting in knee pain.

It’s important that a history of muscle tear or thigh strain be advised to your physiotherapist when they’re investigating the cause of your knee pain.  Should this be found to be the cause of the knee pain, it can be treated simply, as per any soft tissue injury.

Initial treatment of a thigh strain revolves around the PRICE principle, as for all soft tissue injuries.  We should Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate.  Deep tissue work and transverse friction massage, though painful, are necessary later on in order to realign deep fibres of the affected muscle following injury and to minimise the effect of scar tissue.  Other treatment modalities such as dry needling and electrotherapy may also facilitate a speedier return to activity. 

Resolution of the thigh strain should lead to a resolution of the knee pain quickly.