Tibialis posterior tendinopathy refers to inflammation of the tibialis posterior tendon which travels behind the bony lump on the inside of the ankle.  The condition occurs when the tendon is overstretched or overused.  The tibialis posterior muscle controls foot movement when running or walking and helps to support the arch of the foot.  Tendinopathy of the tibialis posterior occurs due to repetitive strain of the muscle.  It may occur due to inappropriate footwear or stretching techniques.

Beginning as micro-trauma to some of the fibres of the muscle and tendon unit, the inflammatory response that follows results in the pain felt behind the bony prominence on the inside of the ankle.  Initially this pain will go away once you’ve warmed up and begin to exercise however as the condition progresses the pain persists throughout exercise.  Tibialis posterior tendinopathy usually doesn’t go away on its own and requires diagnosis and treatment.

Frictions, deep tissue massage, stretching, strengthening and arch supports are some treatment options but it will depend on the presentation and underlying causes as to which will work for each sufferer.  The condition usually settles quickly once it has been diagnosed and treated.  There are no long term consequences of having suffered with the condition, and once it has been treated, patients can return to normal activities.