blank prescription padNo.  Chartered Physiotherapists are highly trained and can work autonomously as front line practitioners.  A chartered physiotherapist will ask detailed questions during your initial consultation as to the nature of your injury or condition.  Through questioning the skilled chartered physiotherapist will determine whether your condition is amenable to physiotherapy intervention and can initiate treatment as they deem appropriate.  If there is any doubt the physiotherapist may refer you to see your GP prior to commencing treatment.  This may occur for a number of reasons including:

  1. You’re chartered physiotherapist feels that your condition requires medical rather than physiotherapy treatment
  2. You’re chartered physiotherapist feels you’re condition needs further investigation by way of x-ray, MRI or other tests, which you’re GP may need to order.

If you have already consulted your GP and they have advised physiotherapy then it’s a good idea to bring any referral letter that they may have given you as well as details of any scans or other information on your condition.