Some of the techniques employed by chartered physiotherapists can result in short term increases in pain or discomfort levels.  This will be explained by you’re chartered physiotherapist prior to their commencing the proposed technique.  Any increased pain or discomfort following physiotherapy usually lasts no longer than one to two days.  Your chartered physiotherapist will only employ a technique that may cause you short term pain if they believe that, in the long term, it will facilitate the overall recovery from your condition.

Chartered physiotherapists also employ some pain relieving techniques such as hot or cold therapy, electrotherapy, TENS, dry needling or acupuncture.  If you arrive for your physiotherapy appointment with high levels of pain, a physiotherapist is more likely to employ some of these techniques rather than any manual techniques which may result in short term increases in your pain levels.

So in short, physio may well hurt in the short term, but only if your physiotherapists feels that you’re able for such techniques and only when they feel that such techniques are to your long term benefit in recovering from your condition.