We like easy stretches.  They need to be effective but it helps if they’re easy.  So how about an extremely effective hamstring stretching technique that’s perfect to do while watching TV in the evenings?  It sounds good to us.

We like the sustained hamstring stretch that can be achieved in the stretch demonstrated here.

You should lie on your back with both knees straight and heels resting on a wall.  Position your bottom as close to the wall as possible while still managing to keep your knees straight.  Giving a little support to your lower back with your hands will help to alleviate any build-up of pressure at the base of the lower back in this position.  Hold your legs straight in this position for at least 5 minutes.

Sufferers of tight hamstrings tend to find a lot of benefit in this exercise particularly footballers, rugby players and hockey players.  Over the course of about 14 nights of performing this stretch it’s possible to lengthen the hamstring to achieve a straight leg raise of 90 degrees, which is more than adequate for restoring optimal resting hamstring length.  And you can achieve all this while catching up on Corrie.  Like we said – we love easy stretches.  Happy stretching.