Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Treatment DublinIs your back pain aggravated by sitting down for prolonged periods or lengthy car journeys? Is the pain worse when you stand up after being sitting for a period? Does it ache from sitting at your desk in work?  If so you’re like the 84% of people who suffer with back pain at some stage in their lives1. The good news is that the vast majority of this type of back pain is managed effectively with rest, pain relief and physiotherapy. Only a relatively small percentage of people require further investigation of their back pain treatment and a smaller percentage still require a referral to a consultant.

At Laurel Lodge Physiotherapy the chartered physiotherapists are skilled in the assessment of lower back pain treatment.  Through careful questioning and examination we will be able to diagnose your problem and advise you of the correct course of treatment.  Following just one session with your chartered physiotherapist you will be aware of the likely duration, severity and best practice management of your current back problem.

At Laurel Lodge Physiotherapy, treatment of your pain commences on your very first visit. You will leave having commenced your back pain treatment as well as with answers as to the likely duration of your symptoms.

So if you, like the majority of the population at some stage in their lives, suffer with back pain why not make an appointment with Laurel Lodge Physiotherapy. We can offer you a comprehensive assessment and commence your back pain treatment today!



  1. Walker, B. F., 2000.  The prevalence of low back pain: A systematic review of the literature from 1966 to 1998.  Journal of Spinal Disorders, 13(3), pp. 205-217.