We all get taught are basics of stretching from a young age.  Most patients of the clinic can comfortably demonstrate a calf or hamstring stretch for example but what about a rotator cuff stretch or some exercises to increase scapular mobility?  This is where we’re not so knowledgeable.  Well thankfully physios spend time studying this stuff so that we can impart such little perils of wisdom on our injured athletes.

We’ve got four muscles surrounding the shoulder joint called the rotator cuff.  These muscle act to effectively pull the ball (humeral head) into the socket (glenoid cavity) of the joint.  Two of these muscles, particularly prone to tightness, are the teres minor and the infraspinatus.  Tightness in these muscles restrict scapular mobility.  To stretch these muscles we love the sleeper stretch.

Have a look:

Lying on your side with your elbow and shoulder bent to 90°, rotate your arm down as far as you can. Add overpressure with your other arm until you feel a stretch. Hold.

Get sleeper stretching and wave goodbye to those sticky scapulae.