Chin poke or forward head posture is one of the most commonly found postural abnormalities found in office workers.  Does this look familiar to you?  A chin poke posture can lead to symptoms such as neck and shoulder pain, headaches and a heavy head feeling.   Sitting for 8-10 hours at a desk per day can very easily lead to the development of this postural abnormality. 

Typically on assessment such patients will reveal very weak upper back and shoulder muscles, such as the trapezius, and rhomboids.  Sufferers will also exhibit excessive tightness in the chest and front of neck muscles.  Left untreated this posture often leads to the development of rounded shoulders as well.

Luckily this posture can be changed quite easily if the underlying causes are addressed.  Often an ergonomic assessment of the desk space in which you work, as well as a comprehensive programme of appropriate stretching and strengthening of the postural neck musculature can remedy the problem within a few weeks.  Office workers should also heed advice to remain active in the evenings rather than spending this time too in a sitting posture, likely to exacerbate and prolong the issue.