Running Injury

As a late starter to running, I wasn’t preparing properly & tore my calf muscle. I could barely walk on it but within 1 session with Alan, it was on the mend & with a second session I was able to resume running a short time later. He also showed me how to prepare & stretch properly so it doesn’t happen again.

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Medial Knee Ligament Injury

I’d highly recommend Laurel Lodge Physiotherapy. Chartered Physiotherapist Alan Moynihan very quickly diagnosed my knee injury – a medial collateral ligament strain. He gave me expert advice on the expected recovery time and how long before I could return to training. His treatments were always effective and kept to a minimum.

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“My Neck Pain Resolved”

I suffered with neck pain from time to time from working long hours at the computer. A few sessions at Laurel Lodge Physiotherapy was all it took to resolve the condition completely. Alan was also able to advise me on some exercises to do during the day at work to prevent recurrence of the problem. I call in for a session every so often to make sure it doesn't come back but I'm better than I've been for years thanks to Laurel Lodge Physio.

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“Excellent Physiotherapist”

I'd highly recommend Laurel Lodge Physiotherapy. I had an overuse elbow injury due to guitar and banjo playing. I found Laurel Lodge Physiotherapy extremely professional to deal with. Alan was highly knowledgeable and friendly. I'll definitely return with any future injuries. Well done!

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